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NCA Concludes “Integrating the Concepts of Happine

NCA concluded a workshop entitled “Integrating the Concepts of Happiness and Positivity in School Culture” on Monday the 6th of Jumad II 1440H. More than 200 teachers attended the workshop, which was held at NCA headquarters in Riyadh.The workshop, which was given by the educational expert Dr. Ali Al-Hakami, targeted teachers as well as individuals interested in education. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize trainees with the concepts of positive psychology, happiness, and positive education, in addition to training them on how to apply positive education at schools. The workshop also touched upon the roles of teachers, educational supervisors, and school leaders in creating happy schools, in addition to introducing those who work at schools and educational institutions to  the procedures they can follow to incorporate the culture of positivity and happiness at schools. This workshop is one in a series of initiatives organized by NCA as part of their Community Responsibility Program, which contributes to the development of skills, abilities, education, and the society. For further information about NCA workshops, please follow us on social media platforms or visit ​