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ETEC Reschedules Second SAAT

ETEC announced rescheduling the second phase of SAAT for the scholastic year 1441 (2020) after final exams for the second semester were rescheduled pursuant to King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud’s Royal Order last week. Registration for SAAT starts on Tuesday 21/1/2020 for all students. 

Mr. Nayif Al-Abdali, ETEC’s Spokesman and the Director of Corporate Communication, revealed that the SAAT has been rescheduled to 13-15/10/1441H (corresponding to 5-7/6/2020) for boys and 11-15/10/1441H (corresponding to 3-7/6/2020) for girls.

Al-Abdali also explained that if students are unable to access the SAAT via their accounts on the NCA website, this means that their account needs to be updated with their current educational stage to “Grade 12”. He added that students need to log in to their accounts on the NCA website and update their information for the test to appear.

Further, the ETEC Spokesman mentioned that those who already have a confirmed SAAT registration will be automatically rescheduled by ETEC to the new dates. If the new dates do not suit any pre-registered students, they can modify their registration, he added. 

Al-Abdali ensured that ETEC will accommodate all students for both phases of SAAT in the cities and regions where they live.

To conclude his statement, Al-Abdali added that ETEC provides support services to beneficiaries via its social media account on Twitter @ETEC_SA, as well as its call center 920033555 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.



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