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 Qiyas announces school ranking to encourage competition and raise the level of education


The National Center for Assessment (NCA), an affiliate of the Education and Training Evaluation Commission announced the ranking of secondary schools in the Kingdom based on students’ performance on GAT and SAAT in the last three years (1437H - 1438H - 1439H).

The Director of the Department of Communication, Media and Relations and the NCA’s official spokesman Mr. Ibrahim Al-Rasheed pointed out that the ranking of schools was based on the performance of students on GAT and SAAT in all cities and provinces of the Kingdom, according to the average performance in the last three years, in order to ensure the stability of the ranking.
He added that such announcement aims to encourage competition among schools to enhance the level of education in general and better prepare their students in areas covered by Qiyas tests so as to ensure that their students have better chances of success in university education.
The ranking of schools can be accessed through the NCA’s website:​
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