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 The Teachers Competency Scale Measures Fulfilment of the Minimum Requirements of the Teaching Profession


The Teachers Competency Scale, which is administered by EEC’s National Center for Assessment as a service for the Ministries of Education and Civil Service in their selection and comparison processes, is considered an important instrument to measure the extent to which applicants to teaching posts meet the profession’s minimum requirements. The Scale involves measuring the knowledge and skills that are fundamental to the teaching profession. Results are used by competent authorities at the Ministry of Education in selection and comparison processes for applicants to educational posts.

NCA’s spokesperson, Director of the Communications, Public Relations, and Media Department, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Rasheed stated that BA holders and expected graduates interested in becoming teachers can register for the Teachers Competency Scale (general and specific), which is administered at 42 different locations distributed across 33 cities and directorates, via as follows:
-Men: Registration is currently open until Saturday the 18th of Safar 1440H
-Women: From Monday the 21st of Muharram 1440H to Saturday the 18th of Safar 1440H
The Scale will be administered between the 15th and 23rd of Rabi’ Al-Awal 1440H.

NCA’s spokesperson also pointed out that the Teachers Competency Scale is composed of two tests: General and Specific. The General Test includes general topics in education which are relevant to all teaching specialties, and it also covers professional knowledge of the teaching profession, as well as enhancing and supporting learning, and professional responsibility. The Specific Test, on the other hand, addresses the foundational principles of 25 different sub-specialties.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Rasheed also mentioned that NCA’s experience in administering the Teachers Competency Scale has been benchmarked against other international experiences since one of the Scale’s objectives is to motivate positive performance. He added that the Scale’s tests are controlled in accordance with certain criteria in addition to undergoing ongoing review and testing. Further, NCA guarantees that tests are fair and balanced by analyzing the performance of each group of test-takers and carrying out certain procedures to make sure tests are equalized.

The findings of several research studies have confirmed the importance of the role of teachers in developing the educational process. These findings have also indicated a strong correlation between the abilities and qualifications of teachers and their students’ academic achievement. Many educational procedures have been established to control the hiring of applicants to teaching posts to ensure a high level of competency which enhances education and student achievement. The studies also indicated that the teaching profession is a specialized profession that requires high skill levels. Further, applicants to teaching posts should exhibit the characteristics and competencies necessary to fulfil the objectives of the educational process, in addition to directing more attention to enhancing the competency levels of teachers, which is a top priority in developing and enhancing the quality of education. The Teachers Competency Scale contributes to improving the performance of teachers by adopting efficient selection procedures using highly objective and credible assessment instruments that are based on the latest global trends.  
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