Teachers Test
Teacher Competency Test
Test Purpose:
This test measures whether or not the minimum level of standards, including the knowledge and skills that cover the basic aspects of a subject, is met by the candidates applying for teaching positions. The results of the tests are used for several purposes such as when screening candidates for teaching positions by the Ministry of Education.  
Test Content:
It consists of two basic tests. They are:
1- The General Test:
This test covers the general educational areas that all the teaching   majors have in common. These include:
  • Professional knowledge
  • Learning reinforcement
  • Learning support
  • Professional responsibility
These areas are covered by a number of general standards as illustrated below.
2- The Specialized Test:
This test covers the basic areas of each major addressed.
Test Nature:
Each of the general and specialized tests consists of (88) questions except for mathematics and physics; they consist of (68) questions each.
Test Duration:
The time allocated for doing the general and specialized tests is three hours; an hour and a half for each with a break in between.
Type of Questions:
Multiple choice questions; each question has four choices and only one is correct. Candidates have to mark the correct answer in the answer sheet.
Test Procedures and Regulations:
This test is subject to all the procedures and regulations that apply to all the tests administered by the National Center for Measurement and Assessment including abiding by the test instructions and adhering to the time specified for each part of the test. Using the calculator is prohibited in all tests.
Sitting for the Test:
A candidate can take the two tests (the general and specialized ones) on two different days. It is not required for candidates to sit for the test on the same day.
Passing the Test:
In case a candidate fails to pass one of the tests, he/ she is required to re-take that test only.  It is not necessary for him/ her to re-take the other one he/ he passed.
Results will be published on the Center's website and sent to test-takers via SMS. The Ministry of Education will also provide test-takers with a soft-copy of the results.
Test Dates:

 Teacher Handbooks: 

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Arabic Language Teacher Handbook
Chemistry Teacher Handbook
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 Biology Teacher Handbook
 Physics Teacher Handbook
 Geography Teacher Handbook
History Teacher Handbook
Mathematics Teacher Handbook – Elementary School
Mathematics Teacher Handbook – Intermediate and Secondary School
Computer Teacher Handbook
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Test Instructions
Special Education Teacher Handbook
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