Teachers Test
This test aims at making sure that at least the minimum set of qualifications are met for those applying for teaching jobs. The test includes general information, science, and basic teaching skills.
Test contents:
The test has four sections: educational standards, linguistic standards, numerical standards, specialization standards.
  • Educational Standards:

This section cover a wide range of skills and know-hows that a teacher must be familiar with, some of these skills:

    1. Curricula and teaching methods.
    2. Assessment
    3. Class Management
    4. Teaching techniques
    5. Professional growth
    6. Extracurricular activities
  • Linguistic standards:

This section covers the basic skills of the Arabic language, that every teacher must be familiar with, and to use it in the communication process, these skills are:

    1. Linguistic expression.
    2. Grammar
  • SpellingNumeric standards:

This section covers the basic numeric skills that a teacher must be familiar with in order to be able to prepare and follow up on his work, also to read reports related to the field and be able to perform statistical analysis. Some of these skills:

    1. Perform numeric calculations
    2. Assessment
    3. Geometry
    4. Statistics
  • Specialization standards:

This section covers the core areas of the specialty, it might take several levels, for example Mathematics are divided into two levels: primary school mathematics, and middle and high school mathematics, and under every level (including other specializations)  a number of areas to represent the whole content of the specialization.

Test organization and components:
The test comprises of 120 question for all specializations, except Mathematics and Physics which comprises of 100 questions, divided into four sections.
Test Duration:
The test duration is two hours, divided into four section, where every section is 30 minutes long.
Test items are Multiple Choice type. Each question is followed by four possible answers (A, B, C, D), choose the right one and fill the corresponding circle in the answer sheet.
Test procedures:
The same procedures apply for this test as the other tests provided by the center. Most importantly to be on time.
Calculators aren’t allowed.
The results will be available on the center’s website, and via SMS or our unified number: 920001170, the Ministry of Education will be provided with an electronic copy.