Student Advisor Test
 Student Advisor Test

To guarantee the selection of the best candidates for student advisor positions and identify their training needs.
Candidates applying for student advisor positions.
Test Content:
It addresses the following areas: 
  • The basics, theories and methods of advising and counseling
  • The characteristics and needs of growth
  • Data collection tools
  • Advising programs
  •  Professional growth
  • Ethical and professional responsibilities
Type of Questions:
The test consists of (88) multiple choice questions.
Test Duration:
An hour and a half.
Test Procedures and Regulations:
This test is subject to all the procedures and regulations that apply to all the tests administered by the National Center for Measurement and Assessment including abiding by the test instructions and adhering to the time specified for each part of the test. Using the calculator is prohibited in all tests.
Results will be published on the Center's website and sent to test-takers via SMS. The Ministry of Education will also provide test-takers with a soft-copy of the results.
Test Dates:
The following link provides you with the dates set for administering the Student Advisor Test.