Provincial Tour Guide License Test
This test aims at making sure that at least the minimum set of qualifications are met for those applying for the provincial tour guide jobs. The test measures the applicant’s general information necessary to have a successful tour guiding career.  This test also aims at seeking the best individuals in ever province of the kingdom’s 13 provinces, in order to alleviate the tour guiding industry in every province of the kingdom.
Test Contents:
There are 26 tests divided on the kingdom’s 13 provinces, where there will be two tests per province. The test consists of 95 questions divided into three sections:
First section: This section addresses the personality and social skills, such as, the ability to carry out tasks, interpersonal skills, and respecting others.
Second section: This section addresses technical skills, such as,  the ability to carry out tourists programs, field performance skills, decision making.
Third section: This section includes general information questions, such as, geography, history, archeological, and knowing the best tourist attraction spots in the province.
Testing procedures:
  1. This is a computer-based test.
  2. All the questions are multiple choice questions.
  3. The test’s duration is 90 minutes.
  4. The test’s results are automatically scored.