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The Center Presents a Course Titled, “Writing Résumé and Preparing for Personal Interviews”
In compliance to the Social Obligation, the Centers holds a free training course on February, Wednesday 2017, titled, “Writing Resumes and Preparing for Personal Interviews” in the Center’s Headquarters in the Nakeel District, Riyadh.
The Course is targeted at young student who are newly graduated or are near graduation. A presentation shall be given concerning the correct methods of writing the résumé, preparing for the personal interview, and handling common questions in interviews; moreover, the Course also addresses the correct way of speaking during interviews, expected questions, how to address questions politely, different methods of building a résumé, the research strategy to find the befitting job, and the most important obstacles to finding a job.
This Course comes in under the umbrella of the Social Obligation Program which the National Center for Assessment provides. The Program contributes in developing the capabilities and skills, and in developing the education and the society. Reregistering is free of charge through the electronic gate: