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  Qiyas Media center News
The Head of the Egyptian Educational Delegation establishes Qiyas House to Service the Benefitting Parties
His Highness, Head of the Center, Prince Dr. Faisal bin Abdullah Al-Mishari Al Saud, has convened with Egyptian Cultural Counsel Dr. Ashraf Al-azaazi, Head of the Egyptian Educational Delegation in the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Saudi Arabia in the Center’s Headquarters in Riyadh.
Al-azaazi’s visited the Center to express his gratitude and admiration of the expertise that Qiyas provides to service the Education sector. Furthermore, during his visit, the Head of the Delegation also presented a memorial shield to express his gratitude for the exerted efforts to service Egyptian students residing in Saudi Arabia.
 A point worthy of mentioning that Qiyas is aiming to establish a Test Center in the brotherly country of Egypt in compliance to its strategical plan to satisfy the requirements of the vocational sector in the Kingdom through professional exams. This type of exams evaluates the extent to which the applicants meet the minimum standards that must be present in order for them to apply for jobs.
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