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The Head of Qiyas Contributes in a Research Paper about the tests’ Occupational Results of the Teachers
His Highness, Head of the Center, Prince Dr. Dr. Faisal bin Abdullah Al Mishari Al Saud, has took part in the International Conference Which King Khalid’s University is holding titled, The Teacher and the IT Age: Opportunities and Challenges under the moto, ‘A New Teacher for a Changing Age.’
The National Center for Assessment (Qiyas) has participated with a research paper, in which His Highness, Prince Dr. Faisal Bin Abdullah Al-Mishari spoke about the vocational exams and methods of employing the standards and tests’ results of the teachers’ qualifications in order to improve the output of the Teachers’ Preparing Program in Saudi Universities. The Project aims to contribute in improving the Educational System through Preparing new teachers using the highest level evaluating tools, at a high level of creditability and objectivity, which are based on the latest international approaches.
A notable point is that the Vocational Standards Project and the Adjustment Tools aim to build vocational standards for teachers in Saudi Arabia in addition to assessing the extent to which the applicants for the educational occupations meet the criteria through trusted tests and measurements. It also aims to establish referral indications of the educational quality, which could contribute in developing the Teachers’ Preparing Programs at the Saudi universities’ level, for they provide accurate indicators for the output of the Teachers’ Preparing Program in Universities.
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