About the Center
On 19/5/1421 AH , a Royal Decree was issued to establish “The National Center for Assessment in Higher Education” to assume the responsibility of conducting standardized tests to assess the scholastic achievement of the students applying for universities.
After its establishment, the center sets its mission, vision and goals to determine its scope of work, which is preparing scientific standards that ensure equity and efficiency. The center seeks also a global leadership in constructing tests, and educational and professional standards.
After the establishment, the center sets its mission, vision and goals, to determine the plan and path, which based itself on preparing scientific and professional standards where justice and efficiency are present, and at the same time, to achieve global leadership in the formulation of tests and standards in both the educational and professional fields.
The center includes a number of technical, linguistic,  and professional departments entrusted with the preparation of tests and standards, as well as other supportive departments. The Centre has also developed an organizational structure that explains the process of decision-making and how it moves from the top managerial  section to the rest of the departments.
Since its establishment, the center has achieved outstanding accomplishments in preparing and formulating testing standards in various educational and professional fields, which are published in annual reports, as part of the center’s strategy of clarity, transparency and communication with institutions and the public.