Vocational Tests Department
The department is responsible for preparing assessment tests for the purposes of employer selection, vocational licenses, and career promotion.
Some of its tasks:
  1. Outlining the higher career paths via standards and tasks.
  2. Build performance assessment systems for governmental sectors, and vocational and educational institutions.
  3. Improve and prepare the vocational in accordance with the center’s assessment standards.
  4. Work with the assessment department on improving the vocational tests, and to frequently evaluate them.
  5. Work with the processing and printing department to assure the readiness of question booklets and to revise them before the test.
  6. Provide support for the consultation projects and training programs in the vocational testing area.
  7. Contribute to the preparation of the introductory brochures and booklets related to vocational testing.
The department currently provides the following tests:
  1. New Teachers Test.
  2. General Tour Guide License Test.
  3. Provincial Tour Guide License Test.
  4. Employment Selection Test for The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution.
  5. Employment Selection Tests for the Commission on the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. (Under study and development)