Tests Operations Department
The department is responsible for managing tests on the field.
Some of its tasks:
  1. Reserve and prepare the testing facilities, and to assure that it meets the canter’s standards and conditions, and to make sure that they can accommodate the number of testees.
  2. Forming committees to oversee the testing operations and to assure that the staff are up to the center’s standards.
  3. Preparation of test manuals, and hosting workshops and training sessions for the teams responsible for implementing the test.
  4. Issuing smart cards for students in schools and testing centers.
  5. Develop monitoring and report systems.
  6. Monitor the tests through reports and daily calls to the  testing committees.
  7. Follow up with the processing and printing department to assure the readiness of the testing material and its arrival to the testing center in time.
  8. Receive and catalogue the answer sheets  and deliver it to the test scoring department.
  9. Coordinate with the financial department to pay the supervising committee members dues.