New Standards Operation Department
The department is responsible for field experimental, and educational assessment  research applications.
Some its tasks:
  1. Setting a time-plan for the deployment of new tests as needed.
  2. Obtain the needed permissions from the concerned institutions to perform the field applications.
  3. Determine the application sample, size, and location in order to meet the testing department’s requirements.
  4. Form field application committees.
  5. Obtain the required permissions from the concerned  institutions, to exempt participants from duties during the duration of the test application.
  6. Monitor the printing and shipment of tests.
  7. Prepare the application manual, and conducting the necessary workshops for the application crew.
  8. Total supervision on the operations of the application of the tests, delivery and receiving of testing material.
  9. Deliver the answer sheets to the scoring department, and follow up on its process.
  10. Coordinate with the financial department to pay the supervising committee members their remunerations.