Scheduling and Monitoring Department
The Scheduling and Monitoring Department places the annual timetable for tests, and everything related to it, whether it be brochures, appointments registration, or to coordinate with other testing centers:
Some of its tasks:
  1. Placing the annual test timetable.
  2. Communicate with universities and institutions that require some of the center’s test, to coordinate the appropriate timetable.
  3. Study the need of expansion in creating new branches.
  4. Follow up on the execution of the tests timetable.
  5. Prepare reports and statistics on the operational activities.
  6. Create the test registration program, and prepare introductory brochures about the process and time of registration.
  7. Following up on the registration process, and assess the need to increase the number of testing centers.
  8. Follow up and update the operation department page on the web.
  9. Schedule exceptional tests and follow up on its presentation.
  10. Follow up on the Smart card system.
  11. Arrange and follow up on receiving the answer papers, and to deliver them to the scoring department.