Human Resources Department
The Human Resources department seeks to attract and develop the center’s human resources and to provide services to them.
Some of its tasks are:
  1. Contribute in achieving the center’s goals.
  2. Placing employment job classification plans and strategies. And preparing employment budget.
  3. Attracting talented and experienced individuals in expertise needed by the center.
  4. Placing a clear and continuous plan to evaluate the employees’ performances.
  5. Providing incentives to the center’s staff.
  6. Oversee the scholarship program and other training programs, to improve the efficiency of the staff.
  7. Review the regulations of the organization governing the work of the center’s staff.
  8. Provide the needed services for the employees.
  9. Employment: employment process, employing full-time, part-time, interns, visa issues, and passport safekeeping.
  10. The payment of salaries and benefits: the payment is in accordance with the pay scale and the financial, incentives, bonuses and other incentives.
  11. Career Advancement: the development and evaluation of the performance, promotions, salary increases and bonuses, and career planning.
  12. Working days and holidays: setting the working days, and the official holidays for the center, as well as the annual vacation, sick leaves, emergency leaves, exceptional leaves, and study leaves.
  13. Job duties and disciplinary actions: job description and job duties, the staff’s complaints and suggestions, and disciplinary actions.
  14. End of duties: end of duties, and the final settlement.
  15. Other services: Presenting employment letter for the staff, loan applications and other services.