Educational Tests Department
This department is responsible for the educational tests that are part of the admission requirements to universities, for both undergraduate and graduate studies.
Some of its tasks:
  1. Improve, prepare, and revise  the educational tests in accordance with the center’s assessment standards.
  2. Work with the assessment department to improve the educational tests and to frequently monitor its quality.
  3. Write, revise and approve the test questions through the referring committees, and the continuous contact with specialists and test writers from outside the center, and to assure that they are qualified and well trained.
  4. Prepare test preparation booklets and revise its content.
  5. Work with the processing and printing department to assure the readiness of question booklets and to revise them before the test.
  6. Provide support for the consultation projects and training programs in the area of educational testing.
  7. Work on the continuous improvement of the question bank in assistance with the IT department.
  8. Contribute to the preparation of the introductory brochures and booklets related to educational testing.
The department currently provides the following tests:
  1. General Aptitude Test in Arabic and English.
  2. Educational Attainment Test in Arabic and English.
  3. Post Graduate Aptitude Test.