Communication, Public Relation, and Media Department
The department seeks to communicate with the testees, and to increase the media’s role in interacting with society.
Some of its tasks:
  1. Internal and external communication with the beneficiaries of the center’s services.
  2. Provide registration services, and
  3. Prepare brochures and booklets about the tests in coordination with other departments.
  4. Supervise the contents and the services on the center’s website.
  5. Provide schools, universities, and vocational and media institutions with introductory brochures on the center’s tests, and to inform them with its requirements and dates.
  6. Coordinate with media institutions regarding press releases , and to participate in media forums and other activities inside or outside the kingdom.
  7. Coordinate the center’s participation in conferences, seminars, exhibitions, vocational and educational events and workshops inside and outside the Kingdom.
  8. Organize and coordinate official visits to the center.
  9. Document the center’s achievements and activities.