Business Development Department
The department seeks to provide assessment related consultations and solutions to the interested parties, and to help the beneficiaries through training programs in order to prepare them.
Some of its tasks:
  1. Prepare the required training programs standards.
  2. Identify the training programs’ needs, that are related to the center’s scope of work.
  3. Prepare the training plan for the suggested programs that would take place in the center.
  4. Provide preparatory electronic training programs for the General Aptitude Test and the Educational Attainment Test.
  5. Improve the training programs in a way that will benefit the targeted groups and institutions.
  6. Build a consulting method in cooperation with associated departments.
  7. Identify the areas where studies could be provided, and market them to the concerned institutions.
  8. Follow up on the implementation of the consultations, and to overcome all the difficulties facing the center in this area.
  9. A continuous improvement and development of the consultation work prepared by the center.
  10. Provide assessment-related consultations for interested parties.